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We do our best to delight our customers and to make sure shopping with DogLux is a satisfying experience. We will answer any of your questions or concerns as soon as we can and we will reply to you in a professional and friendly manner. Please check out the contact section to send us a message if you need!



All data and information are securely stored online with secure protection. We prioritize people's private details and data in being kept secured with our secured servers. All data is sent to us privately and managed appropriately. 

The data we will be collecting is your name, email, phone number, billing address, and payment details for when you place orders. 

Our user’s privacy is of the highest importance to us!


We must collect your information so we can easily identify you if you need to contact us to easily track and find your order(s) in our system if you are having any delivery or receiving issues.


We also need to keep a record of your information to make shopping with us again easier for you and us to make the mailing process a lot more efficient. 

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