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We are a small group of youngsters who have big visions and aspirations for taking on the world of dog accessories and supplies! We launched our brand back in December 2021 and have seen exponential growth since then!! It all started off with our unique range of luxury dog collars and leashes which has continued into our brand offering treats, harnesses + lots more!


The DogLux brand specializes in luxury dog accessories and supplies.  We strongly believe that Australia needs real high-quality products to have available that lasts a lifetime and is backed by price and most importantly quality. 

This is one of the main motives and drive for the growth of our brand and message as we take pride in our current products we offer, including our current cuban link collars and leashes, which most of our colours are only unqiue and special to us!!! No other brand in Australia offers our special colours and designs!

We are also upping the level of our luxury accessories by bringing in Australia's most expensive dog collar, our The Baller Cuban Link which retails at $999.95

This is a new lifestyle for K9s

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